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10 Easy Ways To Save Money On Heating Your Home This Year!

Keeping your family cozy warm doesn't have to break the bank this fall and winter.

Make these simple changes in your home and save a bundle on heat immediately. Check out this list and see what money saving tips you're already doing and learn a few new ones that will make a big difference in your monthly heating bill.

1. Layer Up

It's time to break out the fluffy warm socks and cozy cardigans! This is a super simple way to avoid turning on the heat for a little bit longer. In the fall the mornings can be a little nippy. Layering up with warm clothes is an easy way to stay cozy in the chilly mornings until the sun warms the house in the afternoon.

2. Draft Buster

Go on a cold draft inspection. Make sure all the windows are completely closed and locked. Some older windows will need extra sealing or insulation. Consider changing the curtains to heavy fabric to hold the heat in at night when they are closed.

3. Hey Sunshine

Make sure you open all the windows in the morning. Let the warm sunshine heat up your home naturally and for free. Be sure to close them at night to seal in all the warm air you gathered during the day.

4. Morning Baking

It's the perfect time of year to enjoy baking delicious breads and muffins. Baking in the morning not only makes your family happy by filling their tummies with delicious baked goodness, but it also helps to warm up the kitchen in the process. When your done baking leave the door slightly ajar to let that warm air escape into your kitchen. This tip is a win win!

5. Turn On The Fan

This is a fantastic tip that often gets overlooked. Heat rises naturally. Turn your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise to push that warm air back down. Keeping your ceiling fan on low will make a big difference in keeping your home warmer for less money.

6. Use a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to create different programs to run for the day and week. You can have your thermostat set to turn off or go to a lower temperature when your are sleeping, at work or school and turn back up when your family is home. It's even better is you have your home set up in multiple zones that can be set differently depending how you use the space.

7. Block off Unused Rooms

Close the vents and doors of rooms you use less often. Heating only the parts of the house you use will make a big difference in your heating bill.

8. Lower the Water Heater

You can save 3%-5% for every 10 degrees reduced on your water heater temperature. Try lowering the water heater to 120 degrees F. Reducing the temperature of your water heater will not only save you money but will also be safer for your family and prevent the potential of hot water scalding and burns.

9. Clean Vents and Radiators

Make your home heating systems work more efficiently by cleaning them. Dust build up on vents and radiators can get in the way of how much heat is coming out. Dust them regularly during the fall and winter to keep your system working the best.

10. Close the Chimney Flue

Don't forget to close your chimney flue when your not using your fireplace. You might be surprised at how much warm air is lost through your cold fireplace chimney.

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