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12 Clever Ways To Find Frugal Family Costumes

Looking great for Halloween and dressing your entire family doesn't have to break the bank. For the past two decades of Halloween, I have managed to spend on average under $50.00 on creative and super cool costumes for my entire family of six combined. Check out these 10 creative ways to get super cheap or even free family costumes for this Halloween. You will never have to spend a fortune on costumes again, once you know these super tips and tricks.

Even with the unfortunate on going Covid-19 pandemic, most Americans are still planning on celebrating this Halloween season, including costumes, trick or treating in some fashion and possibly even small family parties. Actually, based on its annual survey of shoppers, The National Retail Federation projects that Americans will most likely spend 8 billion dollars on this Halloween season. Most of this spending will be influenced by decorations and Halloween costumes.

The average projected spending per person this Halloween is $92.12 on average and sometimes more! That's a small fortune for a large family! If this projection makes your skin crawl🕷, it might be a great idea to look for ways to beat that projection by learning ways to cut costs.

A little planning goes a long way to saving big this Halloween season.

Create A Halloween Budget

Plan what you can reasonably spend on costumes and stick to it! Make a Halloween costume budget first, you can create amazing costumes from what ever amount you decide you can comfortably afford.


If you are like me, you have a couple of totes filled with old costumes, masks, wigs etc. Dig thru that bin and find new ways to use those old Halloween treasures. Mix and match and come up with something new and amazing. One memorable Halloween costume that my mom made, was a mash- up costume. I was half pretty princess and half monster princess. I actually won first place at a costume party with that homemade masterpiece.

Cyber Friends United

You are not the only mom looking for ways to save money this Halloween. Utilize the power of social media. Reach out to your social network friends. Start a local Halloween costume swap. Or just send a group message to some mom friends to see who wants to contribute to a swap list of Halloween costumes. This is a fantastic way to not only find amazing FREE costumes, but to help your friends out too.

Go Thrifting

Hit the thrift stores! I made an entire matching family of 6 Vikings costume set for $40.00 a couple years ago. I found some discounted furry fabric and wooden jewelry. The costumes turned out amazing and it didn't bruise my wallet!

Good Olé' Dollar Store

The dollar store is fantastic for finding costume accessories. You might be surprised as to what you might find to make your frugal Halloween costume look amazing. I have found devil horns, bunny ears, pirate kits, small witch hats, princess tiaras, wizard wands and so much more. When I need something a little extra for our costumes, I also drop by the dollar store.

Costume Swap With Friends and Family

If you have a close knit of mom friends or have a big family, reach out to them. Trade or borrow costumes! If you have small kids or babies, I'm sure you can find family members that still have their kids old costumes. Most people like to hold on to the adorable itty bitty baby costumes. I still have the sweet little strawberry costume I made for my daughter 12 year ago, lol. 💗

Plan A Year Ahead

Take Halloween planning to the next level. ⭐

Plan costumes a year ahead! This is pretty easy to do when the kids are small, before they start choosing their own costumes. Find fantastic cheap costumes by hitting the stores the day after Halloween. BOOM CLEARANCE sales! A few years ago my sweet girls were obsessed with Disney Princesses. I went to Walmart the day after Halloween during my lunch break and scored big time. I got tons of beautiful Disney princess costumes for $5.00 each! It was an amazing deal. Of course my girls wore them everyday, just for fun. But they did enjoy using them for some Halloween parties the next couple of years.

Only Purchase Accessories

A great way to keep Halloween super cheap is to purchase Halloween costume accessories only. Purchase a cheap clown wig and face paint. Grab a striped shirt and black pants from the closet, DONE! You'll have the cutest clown in town.

If your artistic, get a good set of face paint and use your imagination. The sky's the limit on what you can create. The best part of amazing face paint art is that the rest of the costume can be very simple.

Break Out The Sewing Machine, Trusty Glue Gun and Duck Tape

& (Get Crafty)

Embrace the all powerful glue gun and get crafting. Find fabric, buttons, ribbon etc. at thrift stores, grandma's basement or go digging thru your old Halloween bins for supplies. If you need to get something from the store, be sure to search for coupons online first. My secret Halloween tip is DUCK TAPE. Yes, duck tape! It's amazing at holding together costume parts or to repair a last minute costume mishaps.

Shop Your Closet

Don't forget to check the back of your closet for crazy outfits from years past. You might get inspired to make something fun and new. Those outdated 80's or 90's high school ensembles might make a great blast from the past couples costume or family costume theme.

Create A Costume Chest From Yard Sales

Garage & Yard sales can be goldmines for terrific costumes and costume parts. It's a great idea to stock up on some Halloween staples. Assorted scary masks, princess gowns, black capes are just a few examples of costume basics that make for great last minute cheap costumes. Having a supply of costume basics help reduce the cost over the years. I lost track of how many times we used the black hooded gown and spooky plastic masks I found years ago.

Feeling Brave ( Wait Till Last Minute)

One thing I have never been brave enough to try is to buy costumes on the day of Halloween. But, I do know that the big sales start on Halloween in some stores. They mark down the entire store in an effort to clear out as much as possible the day of Halloween. Many of the stores are seasonal and need to clear out their inventory quickly. So, if your looking for a deal or a last minute costume. Check out the stores on Halloween, the store might have limited selections but you'll get a great deal.

Are you looking to plan the BEST Family Halloween?

Check out this 👇

Complete Halloween Planner

🎃Enjoy Planning Halloween with ease & Save Tons of Money in The Process! Planning Halloween costumes and party will be super easy with this organized planning system. Download and edit this worksheet on your computer, smartphone or IPad. Easy fill-in text box editing makes this simple to use.

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🎃4. Halloween Budget Worksheet Page

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🎃6. Food Plan & Shopping List

🎃7. Halloween Party Checklist

🎃8. Decoration Plan

🎃9. Halloween Party Crafts and Activities Worksheet

🎃10. Halloween Party Schedule of Events List

🎃11. Halloween Party Prep Timeline

🎃12 Halloween Party Calendar

🎃13. Thank you list

⭐14 Bonus⭐ Frugal Halloween Party & Costume Tips Page (helpful tips on ways you can save more when throwing a party for your family)

Here is an amazing professional quality face paint kit to make your Halloween even better!

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