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Easiest Way To Can Stewed Tomatoes At Home

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Here is a step by step tutorial on my favorite way to can tomatoes. It's a quick & easy way to preserve tomatoes without making a huge mess in the kitchen. I used this method all summer to home pressure can our delicious sun ripened tomatoes we grew in our garden. I have been canning veggies for close to two decades and this method is by far my favorite method for preserving tomatoes. I love using the Nesco/Carey Smart Electric Pressure Canner. It's an awesome, set it and forget it style of pressure canning.

We eat a lot of tomatoes in our home. It's feels like almost every recipe I make in the fall and winter includes tomatoes. Homemade pizza, soups, hearty stews, pasta to name a few. Tomatoes are in everything. So, having lots of canned tomatoes in our kitchen pantry to get us thru the winter is important.

There really is no comparison in flavor between store bought and home grown tomatoes. Once you try home canned tomatoes, you will never return to store bought again. Home canned tomatoes are fresh and have that " summer garden" flavor. Store bought on the other hand, tends to taste a little like the metal can it has been stored in. Even the color is bolder and brighter with home canned tomatoes.

Tomatoes are one of the easiest and most prolific vegetables to grow! The problem is, most people just can't keep up with eating, cooking or even giving away the amount of tomatoes that are produced in their garden. By home canning, you can enjoy your garden fresh tomatoes all year long by preserving your bountiful summer harvest.

So grab your gorgeous tomatoes and lets get to canning.


  • Clean, wash, chop tomatoes

  • Place into a pot and cook

  • Fill jars

  • Process


Detailed Instructions for Pressure Canning

( with Nesco/Carey Smart Electric Pressure Canner) *Basic directions can be applied to any pressure canner of your choice.

Step 1

Harvest or purchase your tomatoes

(the amount is not important, as long as you have a nice basket full, typically 2-3 large tomatoes makes 1 pint jar) NESCO CANNER FITS 4 pints or 4 quarts at one time

Step 2

Wash & cut stem end and bad spots off

( I do not remove seeds or skins)

You certainly can if you want to.

Step 3

Chop up the tomatoes into 1 inch chunks

Step 4

Place tomatoes into a large pot and bring to boil, then turn down to simmer for 10 minutes

Step 5

Ladle hot tomatoes into clean warm canning jars leaving 1/2 inch headspace

Add 1/2 tsp salt for pints or 1 tsp salt for quarts

Add 1/4 tsp dry Italian seasoning for pints or 1/2 tsp seasoning for quarts (optional)

Stir to remove bubbles and to mix seasoning

Step 6

Wipe rim of jar clean and place lids & rings (finger tight)

( Jars will not seal if the rims are dirty with food or grease)

* vinegar works great for grease

Step 7

( I use and LOVE the Nesco Smart Electronic Pressure Canner)

Place the canning rack & 4 cups of water into the Nesco canner First

Place jars into the canner

* A pressure canner is different from a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers do not reach the temperatures needed to safely kill organisms that can cause foodborne illness.

Step 8

Start the canner

Close & lock lid, Press High, Set 25 Minutes

Turn top valve to (EXHAUST) Press Start Button

Wait till screen counts down from 10-0, * 10 minute countdown is needed to properly heat and vent the canner first. when it beeps zero turn the top valve to (AIRTIGHT)

It will now pressurize & beep to show the 25 minute countdown to process.

Let it do it's thing, you don't have to babysit it like other pressure canners. ( That's one of the big reasons I love this one)💗👍

Step 9

When it beeps that it is finished processing leave it alone!

Let the canner naturally depressurize( Do not manually open the pressure valve) it takes about 30 minutes after it completes processing to depressurize. You'll know its ready to open when you can turn the lid easily to open it.

* If you open it too soon, your liquid will bubble out of your jars.😓#learnedthehardway

Step 10

Remove jars, place onto a kitchen towel and leave them undisturbed to fully seal for 12 hrs.

Step 11

Remove the lids, check to make sure they have sealed, wash, dry, label and store in a cool dark pantry.

Enjoy your beautiful tomato harvest all year! Turn these canned tomatoes into pizza sauce, pasta sauce, blend into tomato soup or add to soups, stews or other recipes.

If you want a SET IT & FORGET IT pressure canner that does an amazing job. I would highly recommend the NESCO Electric Pressure Canner. I have been using it often for a year now and just love it. I still do occasionally use my All American Canner when I need to can a big batch. But, if your looking to can a few jars at a time and you don't want the big mess or have to babysit the canner, this Nesco Canner is the ticket! I literally keep it on my counter and it's ready to can food instantly.

⭐If you do decide to purchase this canner, please go thru the amazon link on this page, i do earn a very small commission. I only recommend products I actually love and use.💗

*This blog contains affiliate links

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