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How To Collect Marigold Flower Seeds To Plant In Your Garden Next Spring

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

This is the perfect time of year to start harvesting seeds from flowers in your yard that you can save & plant in your garden next spring. You might be surprised just how easy it is to collect flower seeds that you can have for years of planting.

If you love to garden than you probably already LOVE Marigolds. They are definitely one of our favorite flowers to grow in the garden. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Easy to grow

  • Long blooming season

  • Bright & beautiful blossoms

  • Excellent companion plant to most veggies & they produce a chemical that is harmful against Nematodes

  • Attracts bees & other pollinators

  • Attract predatory insects that kill harmful insects like Aphids

  • Pungent smell helps to repel deer & rabbit

  • They attract butterflies to your garden

  • flowers can be used to make natural yellow food coloring or fabric dye

  • They make adorable table decorations when put into a little cup of water & kids just love picking them!

Plant Marigolds not only in your flower beds but IN YOUR GARDEN! They give a pop of color and are so very helpful to all your veggies. Scatter them around or form neat rows and edges.

Now Lets Go Get Those Seeds!

  1. Go find a patch of Marigold flowers at the end of the summer or early fall. Maybe, a good friend or neighbor might be willing to share with you.

  2. Look for the dry dead heads that look like this

(It needs to be brown & dry ) The seeds are inside and will only be mature if the seed head is fully dead.

3. Pop off the seed head from the stem.

4. Pinch and pull the whole tip end out of the base of the seed head and Voilà! SEEDS👍

Place these seeds into a brown paper bag to dry a little more. Once fully dry, label and store in a sealed container or zip lock baggy. These seeds will be good for a few years if stored properly.

Start these seeds indoors or plant directly outside in the spring after the danger of frost has past.


These little self sealing seed bags would be perfect to store your seeds! You can make cute labels and even give them as gifts to friends and family.

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