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How To Make Grape Jelly From Concord Grapes

Make delicious homemade grape jelly from fresh grapes collected from the vine or purchased from the store. If you don't have access to grapes, you could make this recipe from grape juice too.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a staple in our home. When the kids were little, not a day went by without cleaning up sticky jelly finger prints from the kitchen table and chairs. Now that the kids are bigger, they love helping to make the same homemade jelly they fell in love with when they were toddlers.

There is something extra special about filling our cabinets with beautiful purple jars of homemade jelly that we made together as a family. We all agree that our homemade grape jelly made from our homegrown grapes, tastes better than any other jelly. It is definitely a family favorite.

There are a few steps to making homemade jelly from actual fresh grapes. But it's worth the work & tastes extra amazing!

What's involved:

  1. Harvesting the grapes

  2. Processing the grapes into juice

  3. Making the jelly

1. Start By Collecting The Grapes When They Are Perfectly Sun Ripened

Typically, in zone 6 where we live the grapes are dark purple, sweet and ready to be picked the last week of August- first week of September. We simply go out and do a little taste test to check for readiness.

Harvesting The Grapes Is FUN!

Simply snip the cluster of grapes off the vine with scissors and place into a basket. We place them into a weaved basket so we can give them a little rinse off outside before we bring them into the house.

Separate The Grapes From The Stems

This is where it is helpful to have a lot of helping hands to pick the grapes off of the stems. It can be a little tedious to do this part by yourself. So, get the family involved and get picking. We have 6 sets of hands in this house so this project gets done in a flash. We make it fun, put the basket between us all, pop on a tv show and in no time its done. We are left with a bucket of grapes ready to wash. Minus a few that were eaten during this step, lol💗

Wash The Grapes & Remove Bad Ones

Give your grapes a good wash down. I fill the sink up with cold water, add splash of vinegar. Toss the grapes in for a quick 10 minute soak. I put my hands into the water moving the grapes around and removing any bad ones. Drain the water and rinse once more. Your done.

2. Time For The Pot

Place the clean grapes into a large stock pot and cover with water, just to the level of the grapes. Turn the heat on until it boils, then reduce to simmer. Use a potato masher to mash the grapes as they cook. It takes about 30 minutes to cook the grapes down.

Strain The Grapes

Pour the cooked grapes thru a strainer and into a clean heat resistant container ( I usually use another pot)

If you want the jelly clear you will need to strain a second time thru a finer strainer like a jelly bag, rice bag or cheesecloth.

Finish The Homemade Grape Juice

Take the grape juice and add sugar to taste. Remember grape juice from the store is sweetened. It will form better jelly if you sweeten it a little at this step. Plus you can keep some aside in the fridge to enjoy as a special drink with dinner tonight.

3. Use Your Homemade Grape Juice To Make The Jelly

It's time to get your jelly on........💗

Click on the link below for the printable recipe


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