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Simple Ways To Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half This Week!

If you have kids than keeping the kitchen stocked with food can be a challenge. Does it feel like your newly purchased food magically disappears the day after you purchase it? Is your grocery bill getting higher and higher? Does it seem like you spend an enormous amount of money every week on food? Here are some super simple ways to cut your grocery bill in half this week. Making these few small changes can save you tons of money on your weekly grocery bill. Every extra penny makes a difference, especially in these crazy times.

Don't Shop While Hungry

This tip is an oldie but goodie. It's so true! Shopping with an empty stomach causes your brain to grab items on impulse. And let's be honest, grocery items purchased while hungry

are typically unhealthy snack items that you will probably regret buying as soon as you get home. Try to avoid this if you can. It will surely save you money and buyers regret, lol.

Plan Your Meals From Sales

Go online or check out the weekly sales flyer from your grocery store. Use the sales to create a meal plan and shopping list for this weeks meals. This is a great simple habit to get into when planning your family meals.

Stick To The List

How many times do you go to the grocery store only needing a few items and leave with an overflowing expensive shopping cart full! A big way to save lots of money on your weekly shopping is to make a list and be sure to stick to it! Avoid the temptation to grab impulse items.

Skip Convenience Items

Small pre-packaged items are typically twice the price of large packages. Purchase the bulk bags of pretzels, chips and other snacks. Buy the biggest bag of your favorite snack items. Buy those snack sized zip lock baggies and make the packages yourself. You will be amazed at how many snacks you will get for just a couple bucks! I encourage the kids to bring the baggies back home to reuse on other cracker or pretzel treats.

Choose Store Brands

Most major grocery stores have their own store brands, sometimes referred to as “private label” foods. You can get store brand packaged foods like cereal and pasta sauce, store brand fresh food like milk and eggs, and everything in between! Store brands are typically much cheaper than name brand foods. As a consumer, purchasing store brand foods can save you a lot of money on your grocery bill. Grocery stores are able to make their own branded foods cheaper than name brands for several reasons:

  1. Less Research & Development: They are basically copying the popular name brand product, so they save a ton on not having to do all that research and product development. This is one reason they can afford to charge less, which in turn saves you money.

  2. No Advertising Costs: When’s the last time you saw a billboard, commercial, or Facebook ad for a store brand product? Yeah, I haven’t either. Advertisements add a lot of cost to the product, and with no advertising costs, the product is cheaper for you!

  3. Fewer Middle Men: Most large food manufacturers have several added costs, all of which get factored into the cost of their final products. They usually have to hire a factory to actually produce their product, then hire a distribution company to bring the products to various stores across the country. And then, of course, the retailer has to make a profit off selling the product. When stores make their own branded foods, there are fewer middle men and therefore the product is less expensive to produce and distribute. These cost savings get passed on to us, the customers!

Hide The Snacks

How many times have you come home with a huge grocery haul, put it all away just to wake up the next day with the snack cabinet empty?! You are not alone! It has happened to many of us moms. LESSON LEARNED! I now have designated "hiding" spots around the house for those favorite snacks that disappear so quickly. I have found that leaving only a couple choices in the snack cabinet at a time and trickling them out over the week not only saves me time and money, but the kids tend to be more open to eating healthier options too.

Find Discounted Snacks

Try to avoid buying snacks at expensive grocery stores, unless they are on sale that week. I find shopping at bargain or discounted grocery stores is a lot kinder to my wallet. I also take a quick stop by the day old baked goods spot in the super market. I find discounted cookies, muffins, pies and so much more marked down sometimes over 50%.

Skip Pre-Packaged

Chopped-up versions of vegetables and fruits sell for as much as three times more than what you pay when you buy them whole and cut them up at home. Comparing romaine lettuce, I find that buying a head of this leafy green is just $1.99, compared to purchasing a 22-ounce bag of hearts for $3.99. Broccoli bought whole is about $2.99, a pound while chopped florets are selling for $4.99 a pound. And think twice about that red onion. A whole red onion rang in at 49 cents a pound at Walmart while the diced version was $4 a pound. You could shave $100 or more a month off your monthly grocery bill, just by buying the whole version of your fruits and vegetables and chopping them up yourself. 

Try Discount Stores

Dollar stores, discount bakery stores and discount grocery stores are great for getting certain items. Check out these stores and make a list of what you can get at a cheaper price. It is more convenient to get everything you need from one big supermarket, but you might be paying way more on some items. Doing a little research and keeping a list of what items you get from where is a great idea to cut the cost of your grocery bill!

Plan a Meatless Day

Meat is EXPENSIVE, especially now with everything that is going on in the world. Choose one day a week and plan to do a pasta, salad, meatless pizza or casserole night. You will save money and no one in your family will even notice. Doing this every week will really make a difference in your weekly grocery budget.

Have a Left Over Day Every Week

Plan your meals so you make just a little more than you need each day. Place the left overs in Pyrex glass bowls or containers with a lid. These containers make warming up

in the microwave or even the oven a snap and they stack easily on top of each other in the back of the fridge. Choose one day a week to reheat your yummy left over meals from the previous days. You might have to make a quick side dish or salad. Having a left over meal day will not only save you money but will make for an easy meal day for you.

*Just be sure to remove the plastic lid and cover with aluminum foil before warming up in the oven.

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