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Top Safe Halloween Ideas For 2020

This year has been a challenge in many ways and keeping the family safe is on the mind of every mom this Halloween Holiday. Halloween does not have to be boring or canceled, it might look just a little bit different this year. Celebrate Halloween by creating new fun memories. Here are the top eight safe Halloween ideas for 2020. Enjoy providing safety & amazing Spooktacular moments your kids will remember for years to come.

#1 Celebrate At Home

Maybe skipping the house to house trick or treating might be a good idea this year. If you are or live with someone who is in the higher risk category you might want to consider limiting your exposure and stay home this Halloween.

Here are a few fantastic ideas for a home based Halloween.

🎃 Spooky Fire Pit Outside, Make Halloween Smores & Tell Scary Stories

🎃 Indoor Halloween Movie Night, with homemade spooky popcorn

🎃Halloween Outdoor or Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Hide Candy Packets Around the House or Yard for the Kids to Find.

🎃Indoor or Outdoor Spooky Hide and Seek

🎃At Home Family Halloween Glow Stick Dance Party

🎃 Spooky Family Sleep Over Party

( set up fabric tents in the living room, make it spooky with Halloween decorations)

#2 Trick or Treat Neighbors & Family Only

Try keeping your social circle very small and just go to homes of people you know directly.  Your family and friends homes can be a little more open with you because they know you, whereas strangers might be a little more hesitant to open their doors. If you have small kids they likely won’t notice, they’re just excited to dress up and get some candy or treats. Also try to avoid going out in a big group of people, this year might be best just to keep it to your immediate family.

#3 Choose Costumes That Include a Mask

Do yourself a favor and just choose a costume that already comes with a mask or covers the face.  This strategy will help you from transmitting germs and it will just look like part of your costume, so it won’t feel like such a drag. Try to design a mask to go with your costume if it doesn’t normally require one. Be creative and design something unique!

#4 Collect Candy With a Grabber Stick

The kids will go crazy over these handy grabber sticks.

Make using this handy tool something special for trick or treating this year.

Its a great way to keep social distanced while grabbing candy.

This cool Reacher tool will make grabbing candy from neighbors so much more fun while keeping your kids from touching the candy packets.

#5 Choose Only One Kid To Get Candy Per House

If you have a large family like us, you can limit exposures by having the kids take turns going up to the houses. There is no need to have all the kids go to every door. Have only one child go up to each house. Remember to have them use the cool grabber stick from the last tip.

#6 Quarantine Trick or Treat Candy

Be prepared by having a nice selection of candy for the kids to be able to enjoy after coming home from trick or treating. Wipe down the candy collected from trick or treating and place it in a safe place for a few days to make sure any potential left over germs can die off. Check the CDC guidelines for the proper amount of time needed.

#7 Bring Hand Sanitizer & Sanitizer Wipes

Clip hand sanitizers to the trick or treat buckets & bags for the kids to use periodically during trick or treating. Carrying sanitizer wipes might be a good idea too. Be sure to remember to wipe down any packages before the kids enjoy opening to eat them.

Just to be on the safe side.

#8 Skip Going Out & Pass Candy Out In Style

Get creative and design a fun candy shoot. Use a PVC pipe and angle it in a way that the candy will slide down and into the trick or treaters Halloween Bucket. Decorate your candy shoot with lights, spider webs or something spooky and fun. You'll be the talk of the neighborhood with your fantastic safe candy delivery system.

Check out this YouTube video for a cool candy shoot example.


Find your own way to make this Halloween just as exciting and special as previous years. Please be sure to follow the rules and regulations for your area. Use your creativity to invent new ways to enjoy this holiday season.

Have a safe and happy Halloween. From our family to yours. 🎃

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