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Weekly Family Meal Plan on a Budget

Tired of cooking and eating the same meals week after week and spending a ton at the grocery store? Follow this awesome family meal planning system. Use it to simplify and organize your family meal planning and grocery shopping. Make family meal planning easy and cook a more diversified healthy menu for less money!

Feeding a family of six everyday can be an overwhelming chore! We created a simple and efficient system that lets us easily plan family meals that stays within our strict budget while still eating healthy. It involves a simple step by step process of planning out meals ahead of time, shopping according to the plan and cooking once for multiple days of meals.

The First Step Is Creating A Favorite Family Meal Directory

This is my favorite planning tool. I add and remove meals as I expand my recipes.

Having a master list of your family meals handy when planning the weekly menu is so helpful. You won't have to strain your brain with coming up with meal ideas. You'll have them all stored on this worksheet ready to go.

Next, Start Building Your Weekly Meals

This budget menu builder is genius! I save a ton of time & money by using this worksheet every week. Choose your main meal for day one. The cool aspect of this planner is to build meals for day 2 and day 3 from the left overs from day 1. Cool right!!

💗For example:

  • Cook a full roast chicken on Monday.

  • Tuesday, create a chicken pot pie from the left over chicken.

  • Wednesday, create a chicken soup by cooking the bones in a crockpot for a delicious bone broth.

  • Use your favorite family meal directory to pick meals for the remaining days Thursday thru Sunday.

This little trick of cooking once and eating 2-3 times is a great way to save big on your grocery bill.

Now That you have your meals chosen, its time to check your kitchen and freezer inventory

Before heading to the grocery store, be sure to check your cabinets and freezer. Utilizing items you already have on hand not only keeps your food rotation fresh, but will also save you money on groceries.

Use these worksheets to keep an on going list of your food inventory. Be sure to update this list weekly.

Now it's time to make your shopping list!

Make your shopping list based on the meal list you have already created.

This worksheet can be used as a digital file. It is editable, so save the file on your phone and bring it with you to the grocery store. Be sure to check for coupons before you go shopping.

Finally, Keep track of how much you spend on your family meals weekly to plan your monthly grocery budget.

If your looking for an Easy & Efficient Meal Planning System To Get More Organized While Saving Money On Your Grocery Bill This is It.

We have been using this simple system for years and love it! Our friends are shocked at how very little we spend weekly to feed our large family.


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